Landfill Engineering

For the construction of a new modern landfill facility, we are the experts for complex services from the Environmental Impact Assessment Review (EIA review) to detailed planning and construction supervision in accordance with the landfill class as defined in the German Landfill Ordinance.

We also provide engineering services for the covering or sealing and re-cultivation of a landfill site during the closure phase. In addition, we plan and supervise the required monitoring systems within the scope of the closure and post-closure phase.


Our Services
  • Geotechnical calculations and assessments regarding the stability of the landfill body and technical layers
  • Planning of landfill gas collection systems and gas usage for energy
  • Water regime calculations
  • Planning of monitoring systems for groundwater monitoring, landfill gas migration and for the settlement characteristics of the landfill body as well as its assessment and documentation

Landfill construction

  • Preparation of documents for EIA review
  • All stages of project planning for base sealing, landfill operation, water collection and water management systems as well as landfill cover structures

Landfill rehabilitation and re-cultivation

  • All services in object planning for landfill cover systems, water collection and management systems as well as revegetation and landscaping

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