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Logistics Simulation and Optimisation

G.E.O.S. creates deterministic and probabilistic system models for reliable predictions of complex interrelated processes. These models are used, for example, for material management, water management or the energy demand of companies in the mining sector.

With our know-how and the use of the GoldSimTM software, our simulations and optimisation recommendations we provide planning security for your projects.


Our Services
  • Simulation of materials handling processes, considering the specific parameters and degrees of freedom of the equipment and machines used.
  • Factoring in resource requirements (water, energy, personnel, ...).
  • Taking into account inherent contingencies and random events and their consequences (e.g. failure of plant components and interlocking chains, machinery down-times, start-up regime, etc.).
  • Prediction of the reliability of process control as a prerequisite for decisions on investment
  • Prediction of energy usage in relation to time-dependent process parameters
  • Running GoldSimTM training courses


  • GoldSimTM

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