Mine Planning

G.E.O.S supports you with expertise and experience for ambitious raw material extraction projects at domestic and international level. We provide comprehensive planning services for your raw materials projects, from feasibility studies to detailed planning ready for implementation. In order to answer the complex questions of mine planning in the best possible way, you benefit from our qualified and experienced experts who work together in an interdisciplinary way.

The basis of our planning is a deposit model mapped according to defined properties. The aim is to mine the deposit effectively and economically, taking into account the ecological and licensing requirements.

In addition to the technical criteria, the economic aspects play an essential role in mine design. Based on the technical and technological conditions, we also produce Capital and Operational Expenditure plans.


Our Services

Preliminary project planning (PPP)

  • Analysis of existing geological, mineralogical and hydrological data
  • Feasibility studies
  • Studies of options for the development and equipment necessary in deposits as well as mining methods for underground and surface mining


Design planning (basic engineering)

  • Planning and dimensioning of the development
  • Determination of the mining and extraction technology
  • Design of the mine water drainage and ventilation system
  • Planning of the mine infrastructure
  • Tailings and backfill management
  • Determination of investment and operating costs


Execution planning (detail engineering)

  • Preparation of execution-ready planning documents for the development
  • Detail engineering for the extraction technology  
  • Determination of the recoverable deposit reserves  
  • Mine planning and preparation of a "Life of Mine Plan"  
  • Specification of the use of technology (e.g. extraction, loading and conveying technology)
  • Dimensioning of ventilation as well as mine water drainage and treatment  
  • Calculating the investment and operating costs (Capex and Opex)


Approval planning

  • General, main and special operating plans in accordance with German Federal Mining Act
  • Advice and support in obtaining all necessary permits and approvals


  • CAD programmes (MicroStation, AutoCAD, Civil 3D)
  • Geological and geotechnical mapping and calculation programmes
  • Structural calculation programmes
  • Geological modelling software (SURPAC VISION)
  • Hydrological modelling software (FEFLOW, MODFLOW, GoldSim)