Mining Hydrogeology

The clarification of hydrogeological conditions before, during and after the completion of raw material extraction in mines, quarries, sand and gravel pits is an essential part for the planning, geotechnical safety, construction and aftercare of mining facilities.

Based on more than 40 years of experience, we provide all necessary planning and control services for your projects. This also includes the determination of hydrogeological parameters by means of short or long-term pumping tests. We comply with the applicable DIN regulations and all other national specifications and the recommendations of the EU Working Group Groundwater. Soil mechanical parameters are tested in our in-house labs. Groundwater and surface water samples are analysed in Certified Water Laboratories.

In addition, we have expertise in numerous empirical hydrogeological evaluation methods - especially for the determination of k-values, groundwater lowering in excavation pits, opencast quarries and the resulting extent of the catchment areas, which cannot be replaced or supplemented by means of computational models.


Our Services
  • Determination of the current state of the mining hydrogeological conditions
  • Planning and construction supervision for the construction of groundwater monitoring points
  • Monitoring services to control the changes in groundwater and surface water conditions
  • Hydrogeological assessments, verifications, if necessary with geohydraulic modelling, as well as annual reports on the monitoring of groundwater and surface water conditions, updating of the reports for long-term projects.


  • Special hydrogeological software, mainly in-house solutions
  • Pumping test evaluation programmes
  • Hydrogeological modelling (MODFLOW, FEFLOW)

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