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Near-surface Geothermal Energy

In the field of near-surface geothermal energy, we can assist you in planning and implementation of both closed and open-loop systems. We offer all geological and hydrogeological services for the successful implementation of geothermal heating and cooling in your buildings.

Based on previously conducted geothermal simulations and tests, we plan and optimise your systems and then supervise their installation. Optionally, we monitor the operation of your completed plant and work on the continuous optimisation of the system.


Our Services
  • Permit management, support during approval procedures under the respective licensing law
  • Geological site assessment
  • Thermal response tests
  • Optimisation of probe fields
  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning, realisation and evaluation of hydraulic tests for open systems
  • Geothermal simulation and optimisation of open and closed systems
  • Process modelling (heat transfer, local temperature distribution)
  • Hydrogeochemical site assessment
  • Monitoring and optimisation of geothermal systems
  • Economic feasibility studies, strategy optimisation, decision analyses, cost-benefit analyses, investment strategies


  • Earth Energy Designer


Special Equipment/Capacities
  • G.E.O.S. operates three thermal response test facilities with the required experienced staff.


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