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Near-surface Geothermal Simulation

A central element for the professional planning and optimisation of probe fields or well systems for geothermal heating and cooling is the geothermal simulation. The basis of the simulation is either test data from thermal response tests in the case of closed systems (probe fields) or pumping tests in the case of open systems (wells).

With suitable software and know-how, G.E.O.S. is particularly capable to simulate groundwater flow coupled with heat transport and optimise both open and closed systems. In addition to the geological and hydrogeological data, the heat capacity and the seasonal distribution of the required heating and cooling load are also taken into account.


Our Services
  • Evaluation of test results and parameter extraction
  • Design of the geological or hydrogeological model with consideration of the configuration of the probes or wells
  • Optimisation of the probe or well configuration


  • Earth-Energy-Designer


Special Equipment/Capacities
  • G.E.O.S. operates three thermal response test facilities with the required experienced staff.


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