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Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety plays an important role in all companies and is the key to safe working conditions. The aim is to effectively protect employees from hazards and harm to their health.

To ensure safety in your company and at your construction projects, we are at your side as a service provider with our certified health and safety coordinators and our specialists for Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

Our safety experts will manage the planning, coordination and implementation of health and safety regulations at your construction sites. We give advise and support in risk prevention and in the implementation of occupational health and safety measures. In this way, we are able to minimise accident-related disruptions to the construction process. Our focus is on civil engineering and building construction services on route construction sites, specific construction sites for power lines, cable transfer facilities and substations in the transmission grid.

Our experts also ensure safety at all stages on construction sites for commercial or public-sector construction projects: from the planning phase, through the construction phase, to the documentation of measures for operation as well as for maintenance work.


Our Services
  • Safety supervision as an external OHS specialist
  • Assessment and analysis of quality in terms of environment, plant and occupational safety through the ASM occupational health and safety management system
  • HSQE-Management
  • Company-related instructions and trainings
  • Compilation of operating instructions
  • Assessment of processes with regard to occupational health and safety
  • Responsibilities according to German Construction Site Ordinance as well as duties of the Health and Safety Coordinator specified in the German regulations on Occupational Health and Safety on Construction Sites.
  • Services in the preparation of construction to support the client or the construction contractor to avoid hazards that may arise from plant conditions or interactions between the individual trades.
  • Advising and assisting the client and its main contractors with the construction site set up
  • Drawing up and establishing a health and safety protection plans according to German regulations.
  • Advance notice of building projects at the authorities
  • Preparation and continuous updating of the "file for subsequent work", which describes the requirements in terms of content and form, in accordance with the German Ordinance on Health and Safety Protection on Construction Sites.
  • Emergency management
  • Issue of the necessary displays (fire protection, emergency numbers, rescue/notification polices etc.)
  • Planning for H&S coordinators  for the companies involved in the project with instructions on occupational health and safety protection
  • Adaptation of plans for H&S coordinators in case of additional, important information or significantly changed construction times
  • Risk assessments and subsequent checks on the effectiveness of the defined measures as well as review of risk assessment
  • Inspection of the safety-relevant concepts (e.g. fire protection, realisation and transport inspection concept)
  • Participation in briefing and safety workshops
  • Initial briefing of all companies involved in the project and recorded briefing on the site regulations
  • Participation and attendance at kick-off talks with introduction of the rescue concept incl. shelters, designated assembly points and warden position
  • Safety inspections with pre- and follow-up meetings with all responsible persons including documentation
  • Assist in identifying root causes and possible improvements e.g. accidents, near misses, unsafe conditions, environmental incidents, fires etc.
  • Coordination of and reports on Occupational Health & Safety
  • Safety trainings with employees and contractors


  • HSE Manager


Special Equipment/Capacities

  • 6 Health and Safety Coordinators
  • 2 OHS specialists for contaminated areas
  • 1 OHS Coordiantor