(incl. pedological monitoring of construction)

Soil is one of the fundamental environmental materials and a component of all terrestrial ecosystems. Soils are used in many ways and fulfil important functions for humans and nature. Food and feed crops are cultivated on them, they serve as sites for settlement and forests. As filters and buffers, they protect groundwater and help prevent flooding by storing precipitation water. In addition, they serve as archives of natural and cultural history. In order to maintain or possibly restore soil functions, harmful soil changes must be averted, soils and contaminated sites must be remediated, and precautions must be taken against adverse effects on the soil.

With our expertise in pedology, we develop appropriate solutions for the protection of natural soil functions concerning your planning and approval procedures. In this context, soil monitoring is of particular importance as a tool for soil protection in the context of construction measures.


Our Services
  • Soil protection concepts for communal and regional planning
  • Soil mapping/soil and site evaluation/collection of soil data
  • Soil function assessments
  • Pedological Construction Supervision incl.
    • Basic investigation, initial condition before start of construction, soil function assessment
    • Excess soil concepts for temporary soil storage in heaps
    • Expert soil monitoring during the construction phase (briefing, consulting, monitoring)
    • Conception/planning of re-cultivation measures and damage remediation
    • Recording and evaluation of soil condition after completion of construction and re-cultivation measures
  • Investigation of soil usage/land management
  • Set-up and maintaining of soil information systems and soil databases
  • Investigations on soil contamination


  • ArcGIS