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Planning supply and disposal lines

The construction and renovation of supply and disposal lines is essential for supplying companies, public institutions and private households with electricity, gas, water or wastewater. We support you in planning your projects with our comprehensive engineering services and wealth of experience.


Our Services
  • Studies and assessment of needs, rough cost estimates
  • Planning services / object planning of all service phases according to HOAI (Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers)
  • Supply and disposal concepts for new developments
  • Development planning for sewer, drinking water pipelines, gas pipelines
  • Refurbishment planning of existing pipe networks
  • Assessment of the condition of existing pipelines
  • Development of rehabilitation concepts
  • Project management services
  • Local construction supervision and site management


Spezielle Ausrüstung / Kapazitäten


  • Certified Consultant “Construction and Rehabilitation of Sewer Systems”



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