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Process Engineering & Biotechnology

Increasing scarcity of raw materials, decreasing grades of valuable components in the raw materials, ever-increasing requirements for keeping water, soil and air clean in order to protect nature and the environment - these are challenges that almost every company has to face today. G.E.O.S. supports you with the development of new technologies in order to be able to meet these challenges in the long term.

For the development of complex processes and their technical implementation, the role of biotechnology has become crucial, especially in environmental technology and mining. Expertise in the field of microbiology and well-equipped in-house laboratories (including molecular genetic tools for environmental monitoring) enable G.E.O.S. to develop and optimise microbial processes in environmental management.

Are you looking for individual ways to redesign the use of your resources? We find solutions with special attention to site-specific requirements for your individual tasks, expansions and/or new construction of plants - whether for water/wastewater, soil or air.


Our Services
  • Treatment of raw materials and downstream processes
  • Design of plants for the treatment of industrial and process wastewater, mining water (Acidic Mine Drainage - AMD) and seepage water
  • Process development for mining and industrial waste recycling plants
  • Development of aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment processes
    • Use of microbiological processes for the extraction of valuable substances ("bioleaching") and for the fixation of pollutants ("biosorption") - Biohydrometallurgy
    • Application of biotechnological processes for the recovery of secondary minerals from mine waters (e.g. precipitation of iron compounds from lignite mine drainage waters)
  • Design and dimensioning of bioreactors, wetlands and biogas plants
  • Closed-loop material cycles