Process Simulation

G.E.O.S. performs coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical modelling for the optimisation of process plants, geothermal systems, logistic processes in the mining sector as well as for the analysis of dynamic geological systems.

This enables us to provide you with reliable forecasts of complex interrelated thermal, hydraulic, mechanical and chemical processes for your projects. Our simulations are based on complex software systems and the specialised knowledge of our experts.


Our Services
  • Coupled THC modelling of process systems in ore processing or water treatment
  • THM and THC simulations of geothermal systems (deep geothermal energy)
  • Simulation and optimisation of material transport and water management in the mining sector
  • Modelling of material transport processes in ground and surface waters
  • Performance of long-term risk analyses for disposal facilities on the basis of coupled THM(C) modelling
  • Coupled risk analyses for deep geothermal energy and for underground storage of gases and fluids


  • GoldSimTM