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Raw materials processing and downstream processing - from raw material to resource

Are you looking for new ways to use previously unused raw materials? G.E.O.S. is specialised in the field of all methods of processing raw materials into valuable substances. We develop new methods for the recovery of economically significant metals for you.

Ores, tailings, dumps or even residual materials from industry and households may contain valuable substances such as copper, zinc or indium, but can also contain environmentally harmful substances. We specialise in the development of state-of-the-art processing methods and hydro-metallurgical solutions and apply them to your specific task.

We offer process development and planning from one single source. This includes all services of your project:

  • System analysis and feasibility studies
  • Material flow and energy balances and process charts
  • Planning and implementation of laboratory and pilot plant trials
  • Planning, construction, documentation and operation of pilot plants
  • Process design and process engineering planning


Services in Raw Materials Processing
  • Selective comminution
  • Pre-sorting for production of pre-concentrates
    • Density separation
    • Magnetic separation
    • Flotation
    • Grain size separation
  • Geochemical and mineralogical analyses of the pre-concentrates/concentrates


Services in Downstream Processing
  • Research, development and testing of the processes in laboratory and pilot plant
  • Liquid extraction
  • Precipitation/flocculation/sedimentation
  • Ion exchange and sorption to recover valuable metals (e.g. indium, gallium) and by-products (e.g. silicates)
    • Bio-leaching
    • Membrane processes
    • Electrolysis
    • Sludge treatment
Special Equipment/Capacities
  • Laboratory and pilot plants