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Project Management and Controls

In the realisation of complex projects, for example in the areas of grid expansion, mining rehabilitation, exploration and development of raw-material deposits, hydraulic engineering and rehabilitation of contaminated sites, project management services are increasingly required, which G.E.O.S. provides with a wealth of experience and planning know-how for a wide variety of projects.

Project management is primarily about coordinating all those involved in the project and keeping to deadlines and costs. The project management team always acts on behalf of the project owner.


Our Services
  • Setting project-related targets in coordination with the project owner
  • Creation of org charts and action matrix in a project manual
  • Creation of time schedules, documentation guidlines, filing systems
  • Development and use of web-based project communication systems and databases
  • Control and coordination of all project participants
  • Communication between project owner and planning parties
  • Dealing with Building and Construction Authorities
  • Deadline and Construction Cost Tracking
  • Review of submitted plans for plausibility and conformity with project objectives
  • Contract monitoring, follow-up management
  • Public relations (preparation and organization of meetings)