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Assistance in Radiation Protection

Based on many years of experience, we offer comprehensive and competent advice in the field of radiation protection, especially when dealing with materials contaminated with naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM).

Our specialists at WISUTEC have many years of experience in the assessment and disposal of radioactively contaminated residues (NORM) from the oil and gas industry (including incrustations in pipelines), in geothermal energy technology (including scales from heat exchangers), drinking water treatment (uranium-laden ion exchange resins or regenerated resins), the military sector and mining. We are also the right partner for site investigation and assessment as well as remediation planning and support for contaminated mining and industrial sites.


Our Expertise
  • Advice on handling materials contaminated with natural radionuclides (NORM)
  • Measurements of the local dose rate and surface contamination
  • Site investigation, sampling, assessment as well as remediation-related measurement programmes on radioactively contaminated sites
  • Determination of exposures caused by residues, dose calculations and instructions on radiation protection
  • Participation in the compilation of applications for the discharge from monitoring of residues that require monitoring
  • Concepts and organisation of disposal of NORM residues
  • Dealing with authorities
  • Planning and monitoring of radiation protection measures
  • Implementation and analysis of radon measurements


  • Software for dose calculations


Spezielle Kapazitäten
  • Equipment for measurement of local dose rates
  • Surface contamination monitor
  • Personal Radiation Dosimeter
  • Radiation protection expertise