Remediation planning

On contaminated sites and abandoned landfills where evidence of a harmful soil contamination and/or a non-tolerable groundwater pollution and thus a danger to public safety and order has been provided, measures to avert danger must be implemented.

The scope of remediation planning at G.E.O.S. includes the elaboration of a suitable technical, economic and ecologically sensible remediation scenario, taking into account the local conditions and intended uses. G.E.O.S. plans the confirmed remediation concept for your project ready for implementation and prepares the tender documents. The basis for the processing are the requirements of the Federal Soil Protection Act.


Our Services
  • Technical planning according to German regulations for planning of engineering structures
  • Permit applications (water, construction, traffic route concept, pollution control)
  • Cost management planning
  • Construction progress planning
  • Occupational safety plan in accordance with German Compulsory Accident Insurance (DGUV) for handling hazardous substances
  • Quality management plans
  • Waste management concept
  • Remediation plan according to §13 Federal Soil Protection Act (BBodSchG)