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Risk analyses for decision making

We specialise in the development of dynamic probabilistic risk and decision models based on detailed coupled THMC simulations, if required.

Our models serve as a suitable decision-making basis for the analysis of risks and opportunities of your project in the field of deep geothermal energy, underground storage of fluids and gases or for the final disposal of radioactive waste. Our experts are also available to provide you with competent support for the preparation of exploration reports (POS studies) in the field of deep geothermal energy.


Our Services
  • Development of probabilistic GoldSimTM models for complex natural, technical and biological systems, taking into account risks to human health, the natural environment and financial risks.
  • Integration of complex THMCB detail models into probabilistic risk analyses via intelligent interfaces, e.g. for the calculation of
    • Induced seismicity
    • Damage to geological barriers
    • Migration of fluids and gases through weakness zones (e.g. fault zones) and damaged wells
  • Carrying out long-term modelling for nuclear waste repository safety
  • Decision analyses to optimise the remediation of mining legacies, especially uranium mining from WISMUT and the former CIS states
  • GoldSimTM training courses
  • Exploration reports for deep geothermal projects (POS studies)
    • Geostatistical processing of reservoir properties (transmissivity, temperature)
    • Explicit calculation of the effect of casings and pumps (pipe friction, temperature variation, p-T dependence of density and viscosity, etc.)
    • Determination of the probability distributions for thermal and electrical power


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