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Rock construction work and rock protection

The safety of rock slopes and embankments plays an essential role in infrastructure, in mining or in the identification of risks in public spaces. For project planning of safe slopes and rock protection measures, G.E.O.S. relies on highly qualified specialists from geotechnics, civil engineering and engineering geology.

Starting with the geological evaluation and engineering of rocky slopes and embankments, we identify kinematic risks, prepare stability analyses and safety concepts. We provide all services from a single source, from the basic assessment to the final sign-off.


Our Services
  • Stability, deformation and rockfall risk calculations
  • Engineering-geological slope survey and mapping
    • Identification of the divisional surface status
    • Identification of risk scenarios and extent of damage
    • Classification of the bedrock
  • Rock securing concepts from initial recommendations up to detailed planning of rock fall protection measures ready for implementation
  • Stability calculations for rock slopes with identification of critical fracture mechanisms, critical slope inclinations and required securing measures, such as berms, protective nets or safety fences and barriers.


  • SolidRock, SolidBlock, SolidWedge
  • GGU Stability
  • Geo5 FEM
  • DC Software
  • Rockfall


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