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Soil Testing Laboratory

G.E.O.S. has an efficient soil testing laboratory in which all classification tests of soil mechanics can be carried out. With our special equipment we find solutions for a wide range of tasks in geotechnics and abandoned mining.


Our Services
  • Standard classification tests
    • Determination of particle size distribution
    • Determination of consistency thresholds
    • Determination of natural water content
    • Determination of bulk density and grain bulk density
    • Determination of lime content and organic content
    • Determination of loosest and densest bedding of sandy soils
  • Hydraulic tests
    • Determination of water permeability (triaxial cell)
    • Determination of water absorption capacity
    • Determination of water balance parameters (water capacity, field capacity, permanent wilting point)
    • Determination of water balance parameters with determination of suction stress curves of different pressure levels
    • Determination of water holding capacity (WHC)
  • Investigations of strength and deformation behavior
    • Proctor compaction test (Soil compaction mold A, B and C) including degree of compaction
      Translational shear tests, optionally with 40 cm² and 100 cm² sample area
      oedometer tests, optionally with incremental loading as well as deflection value over time curves
      Determination of uniaxial compressive strength of soil samples
  • Special tests
    • Determination of swelling behavior of clay samples (expansive soils) by swelling pressure and swelling uplift tests


The tests are carried out in accordance with the current DIN standards (including DIN EN ISO 17892 series of standards) and other process-specific regulations. Customer-specific regulations can be implemented by agreement.


Spezielle Ausrüstung


  • IDAT Lab


Special Capacities

  • Parallel performance of special tests