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Tunnel and Gallery Construction

Tunnels and galleries are important elements of modern infrastructure. They are not only important components of road and transport networks, but they also play an important role for example, in the supply of drinking water and in the de-watering of mined areas, as well as in ventilation and for transport purposes in mining.

We are experts in the assessment, planning and monitoring of rehabilitation work on existing tunnels as well as in the exploration, project planning and engineering-geological and geotechnical monitoring of the construction of new tunnels or tunnel connections. Benefit from our specialist knowledge and the wealth of experience of our experts. We are your competent and reliable partner for your projects.


Our Expertise

Structural condition analyses

  • Inspection and recording of the condition of galleries and tunnels
  • Assessment of the structural and geotechnical condition
  • Identification of the necessary action to be taken

Exploration services

  • Exploration concepts (field and laboratory investigations)
  • Planning and realisation as well as supervision of exploration works
  • Soil physical laboratory investigations
  • Evaluation, digitalisation and visualisation of obtained exploration and laboratory results
  • Preliminary soil investigation reports
  • Geological and geotechnical reports and expert opinions in the context of the main subsoil investigation
  • Geological and geotechnical sections and maps

Planning services

  • Development of rehabilitation solutions for existing galleries and tunnels of all types as well as planning for the construction of new galleries and tunnel connections.
  • Planning and dimensioning of engineered safety measures for existing tunnels as well as for new tunnel constructions
  • Preparing planning documents ready for implementation and assisting with the tendering processes

Technical supervision of the driving and site securing work

  • Site management and local site supervision
  • Engineer geological supervision
  • Geotechnical supervision
  • Construction planning and adaption project planning
  • Documentation of the work carried out


  • CAD programmes (MicroStation, AutoCAD)
  • Engineering-geological and geotechnical mapping and calculation programmes
  • Structural calculation programmes


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