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Water Framework Directive

Within the framework of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD), we undertake all the necessary planning, testing and analysis works for you, which serve the protection of water bodies from its source to the river mouth.

The environmental objectives for the management of water bodies are laid down in the Water Framework Directive of the European Parliament. European Member States are obliged to implement all necessary measures to prevent deterioration of the status of all surface and groundwater bodies and to protect, improve and/or restore them in order to achieve a permanently high status.

Our experts are familiar with the implementing regulations of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and advise you comprehensively on the planning and implementation of your projects. In doing so, we also take ecological aspects into account and propose solutions. We research in technical papers to what extent necessary permits lead to an impairment of the management objectives.


Our Services
  • Examination of impact on water bodies
  • Data research/request with authorities, agencies or project sponsors
  • Organisation and carrying out of additional samplings
  • Hydrogeological and hydrochemical considerations, including hydrographs, mixed flow regime calculations, identification of groundwater depression cones and water balance sheets
  • Assessment of the actual status and conclusions on expected changes with regard to the affected water body(ies)