Hydrogeology – G.E.O.S. knows the ropes

Nothing represents a constant cycle as well as the water cycle. Already 500 years B.C. the Greek philosopher Heraklid spoke of panta rhei - everything flows, moves on and is subject to constant change. Changes that G.E.O.S. understands and finds suitable solutions for your problems. Experts of various backgrounds work together in an interdisciplinary way. Thus, we solve hydrogeological issues for you from one single source.

We consider all facets of the hydrological cycle including the manifold interactions among them: precipitation and infiltration, surface water, evaporation, seepage water, groundwater and deep water. The inseparable nature of the interconnectedness of hydrogeology and geology plays an important role. The flow of water through different rock formations results in diverse properties and genetic characteristics of the water, which we investigate, evaluate and make use of for you.

An essential component of our work is the modelling of the geo-hydraulic interaction of surface water, seepage or ground waters and deep waters. This involves test work such as pumping tests, tracer tests and simulations as well as the use of 3D models. We also analyse the anthropogenic changes to the water bodies. We also analyse the spread of pollutant plumes and carry out special site surveys. All questions concerning the protection of our important water resources are of great importance to us.

Another focus is the use of water: drinking water, industrial and process water, but also mineral, thermal and healing waters are important subjects of investigation in our daily work. The focus is on the entire process chain, from exploration, development, pumping and distribution of water to the handling of wastewater.

Your contact person for Hydrogeology
Dr. Torsten Abraham
+49 (0)3731 369-339

We know the occurrences and cycles of water.

We put our analyses to work for you.