Raw materials – G.E.O.S. taps new resources

Raw materials are the engine of development: primary raw materials that are extracted from the earth and secondary raw materials that help the environment through recycling.

Everything comes from the mine! G.E.O.S. is at your competent and professional service for the exploration and detailed assessment of primary raw material deposits. Using modern geophysical and geochemical methods, we prospect solid mineral raw materials, such as ores, spar, quarry or dimension stone, as well as fossil fuels, such as coal, crude oil or natural gas. We give support in the exploration of deposits from the conception, planning, evaluation to the deposit development and the imperative licensing procedures on a high professional level and with suitable instruments. For the reports on mineral reserves and resources according to international reporting standards (NI 43-101, JORC, PERC) G.E.O.S. provides its own recognized "Qualified Persons" or "Competent Persons".

You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs! Long regarded as worthless waste, the recovery of valuable contents from residual materials today represents an enormous raw material potential. Whether solid or liquid residual materials - G.E.O.S. develops solutions specifically tailored to your problem in order to recover valuable components from supposedly unusable materials and return them to the material cycle. In addition to industrial secondary raw materials, we also track down valuable metals and semimetals in tailings, slags or other mining and metallurgical residues and recover them using innovative processes. Through interdisciplinary teamwork and the use of G.E.O.S.'s own laboratories and pilot plants, we support you in the development and optimization of treatment and downstream processes.

Our wealth of experience as well as our outstanding innovative strength through our own applied research and development are solid pillars for G.E.O.S. to constantly drive progress in raw material exploration and extraction based on scientific findings.

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Kersten Kühn
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We tap into resources where others are still searching.
You can rely on us for exploration, assessment and processing.