CoreSmart goes Australia

G.E.O.S. and Dimap-Spectral successfully market the CoreSmart Predictor - New cost-effective tool for the exploration of valuable metals

The marketing of the new CoreSmartPredictor developed by G.E.O.S. and Dimap-Spectral is currently reaching a new level in Australia. After discussions with more than 200 potential customers on site, the interest in the exploration and mining industry can be filtered into three main areas.


Reliable predictions of grades of valuable metals

On the one hand, the CoreSmart Predictor can show its strength as an intelligent tool in the exploration of valuable metals in drill cores in order to make reliable predictions of grades of valuable metals such as gold, copper, iron ore, nickel, bismuth, etc.. Since CoreSmart has been trained on more than 1,000 kilometres of hyperspectral data from scanned drill cores, the system can provide robust predictions without having been trained on the specific deposit. As a result, information on minerals and metal contents of the entire core can be obtained.

Furthermore, CoreSmart offers the opportunity to specifically limit the need for chemical analyses and thus significantly reduce exploration costs in ongoing drilling campaigns. In addition, archives can be systematically examined for previously undiscovered resources. Initial analyses of publicly available data have shown huge potentials.



CoreSmart Predicor also applicable to hyperspectral remote sensing data

On the other hand, it has been proven in two projects so far that the CoreSmart Predictor can also be applied to hyperspectral remote sensing data. In projects on copper exploration in Mongolia and Australia, it was shown that metal contents on the surface can be reliably detected with CoreSmart. The predictions of metal concentrations were thereby compared and verified with the data gained through soil sampling. CoreSmart thus makes it possible to investigate large areas very cost-effectively and to limit soil sampling to the hotspots of interest. This makes greenfield exploration in particular much more effective and cost-efficient.


Material sorting in mining operations

Another possible application, which is currently being tested, is in ongoing mine operations. For example, CoreSmart can be used to analyse the metal content directly at the mine face or in the blasted rock. This makes it possible to decide very quickly which part of the material should be sent for processing or to the dumps.  



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