EU research project TERRAVISION launched

Development of a platform to improve raw material extraction and sustainable mining - G.E.O.S. researches techniques to improve the value chain

The European research project TERRAVISION started in March with a kick-off meeting in Athens. G.E.O.S. is a partner in the project and was represented at the first meeting of the consortium by Dr René Kahnt and Alexander Kutzke.

The Horizon Europe project, led by the Greek Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), brings together 15 partners from 7 countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area. It aims to create an integrated platform for new services based on earth observation technologies.

The work of the participating G.E.O.S. departments of modelling/risk analysis and process development/biotechnology focuses on improving the value chain of critical raw materials for more sustainable mining. To this end, the already successfully validated CoreSmart Predictor developed with the company Dimap is used to forecast the raw material potential of project deposits. On the other hand, a processing index is being developed with the help of chemical-mineralogical and other material-specific data and the knowledge of experienced experts. By combining these findings, the value of raw material deposits can be estimated more accurately and transferred to similar raw materials worldwide.

TERRAVISION is an ambitious project with a total budget of over 6.5 million euros, which will run over a period of 48 months.