Environmental remediation and re-cultivation - with G.E.O.S., disused industrial and mining sites are given a new lease of life.

The age of coal and steel is drawing to a close. This opens up new perspectives for the people that live around the former coalfields and industrial sites. However, visible and invisible scars have also been left behind: contaminated sites from industrial areas and landfills, mining and military legacies, contaminated soils and polluted waters – this is where comprehensive know-how is needed to identify potential hazards, clean up and fulfill retreating work obligations.

We at G.E.O.S. offer the complete range of successful re-cultivation and remediation services based on many years of experience: We identify and evaluate potential hazards emanating from contaminated soils and waters or derelict buildings and areas, we plan remediation of contaminated sites and abandoned landfills, and we take over the technical supervision of the remediation and re-cultivation measures. This also includes appropriate disposal management in dealing with any waste that may arise. In order to be prepared for all contingencies, we rely on a trusted network of partners.

Your contact for Remediation & Re-cultivation
Dr. Dietrich Schüppel
+49 (0)3731 369-315
Your contact for international projects
Falk Wagner
+49 (0)371 270940-71

Whether identifying potential hazards or remediating and re-cultivating contaminated sites - we know the pitfalls and will find a solution.

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