Process Development - G.E.O.S. at the interface of development and technology

New processes for the safe disposal of waste and the recycling of resources have promising potential for closing the loop of recyclable materials and for a sustainable approach to our environment. To this objective, G.E.O.S. is developing pioneering technologies and processes that are used in a wide range of industrial sectors.

Due to the interdisciplinary structure of our team, we offer comprehensive support in both process engineering and biotechnology. We take care of the initial assessment and subsequently of the planning and realization of complete process engineering plants. By using biotechnological processes we develop state-of-the-art methods, which play an important role especially in the recovery of semi-metals and heavy metals. In addition, we develop processes for the treatment of residual materials and wastewater generated in industrial processes. This way we meet the challenges of appropriate environmental protection as well as the remediation and revitalization of industrially polluted waters, for example, due to ore or lignite mining.

For this purpose, G.E.O.S. operates its own laboratories for microbiological testing and process development.

Your contact for Process Development
Dr. Roland Mayer
+49 (0)3731 369-140

Sustainability through innovation:
We provide support from research and basic investigation to the planning and engineering of complete process plants and processes.