Radiation protection – G.E.O.S. takes responsibility

We humans and our environment are exposed to natural and man-made radioactive radiation on a daily basis. These substances can be harmful to humans and the environment. Handling radioactive substances therefore requires careful protective measures, special knowledge and a special responsibility.

G.E.O.S. and especially our specialists of the WISUTEC branch have many years of experience in handling radioactive materials. We specialize in the remediation of uranium mining legacies such as tailings dumps/dams and old shafts. We provide comprehensive advice on the professional handling of radioactive materials during site investigations, feasibility studies as well as on detailed remediation planning. We also assist you with the monitoring of radioactive substances in building materials and site supervision. This expertise has evolved from the remediation of contaminated sites of the former WISMUT and numerous major international projects.

When handling materials contaminated by natural radionuclides, you can count on our expertise in radiation protection. We perform sampling, radiological monitoring, dose assessments and radiological environmental assessments, and prepare radiation protection concepts for mining and other industries. We are also your reliable partner for the professional disposal of radioactive residues and for the preparation and completion of the necessary permit documents.

We take responsibility and assist you in project management for the disposal of radioactively contaminated residues and the remediation of contaminated sites - nationally and internationally. You benefit from our interdisciplinary teamwork: You receive complete services from a single source - and leave the details to us.

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